Maurice is now (2011) 19 and I’ve had him since he was 15.  He’s 3/4 Arab and 1/4 Dutch Warmblood, 15.3hh.  Before he came to me he was used for endurance (in Holland), and then at a local trekking centre here in Portugal.

He’s calm and kind, and will go anywhere I ask (except sometimes through water!).  He’s pretty much unflappable, though he does have a lot of energy and likes to go fast!

Mostly I’ve just used him for hacking around the countryside. I’ve had a few dressage lessons on him, a couple of western-style natural horsemanship lessons, some Heather Moffat style lessons, and a Tai Chi riding lesson.  He’s endlessly tolerant of my ever-changing attempts at finding a “method” I feel comfortable with.

As far as clicker training goes, it seems he only wants to put some effort in if he thinks it’s fun and/or the reward is big enough (he has to have pieces of carrot or apple that are at least 3 times the size the other two horses get as treats!).  Also, I don’t think he likes to repeat things he’s already learnt, unless it’s done in a “Show ’em what you can do Maurice” kinda situation.  He really seems to enjoy showing people how he can “refuse to eat the treat” and I’m sure he plays it for laughs – getting more and more elaborate in his refusal the more of a reaction he gets.


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