This is a personal journal of my journey with my horses, which sometimes feels like a lonely one as I am in Portugal and surrounded by a very macho equestrian world.

I’m trying to find my (our) path to better understanding of each other.

I’m easily swayed. I want my horses to be able to carry a rider with ease, so I’m drawn towards dressage for collection and balance.  I don’t want to make my horses do what I want, I want to work with them, so I’m drawn towards natural horsemanship. I want to be the best rider I can be so I’m drawn to anything I think might help! I’ve done join-up, had lessons with Peter Kreinberg, a couple of western-style natural horsemanship lessons with Norbert Gleisner, and about a year of classical Portuguese dressage lessons. I’m now starting monthly lessons with Pru Clayton-Mead.

I want this to be an honest account of what I’m doing with the horses. I want to be able to learn and grow from this experience, and that means writing down all the mistakes I make along the way.

I’m probably going to make this public, as a big part of learning will be other people’s feedback, plus writing everything down warts and all, will be an added motivator for not making so many mistakes and being so inconsistent.

And I have a LOT of questions!


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