Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Yes, there had to be a post with this title at some point! We didn’t actually go to Hollywood, but up to the village bar, which was just as exciting and probably a lot more fun 😉

For those of you who know the issues we’ve had leading Frankie up and down the track you can probably guess at how absolutely over the moon I am about our adventure this morning!  Frankie was an absolute superstar. We walked up to the bar (about 1km) along the road and he was totally calm almost the whole way. When all the new stuff began to make him just a little excited we stopped and played “touch the tractor” until he was 100% calm again.  At the bar the horses got buckets of salad and a haynet while we had a drink.

Then we walked home again, stopping when Frankie got a little anxious again (barking dog plus fast car, but he dealt with them really well) we stopped and Maurice got to stand on a pedestal (his favourite game) while Frankie played “touch the rock” and grazed.

I’m very, very, happy! Really fun outing for all of us 🙂

Big thanks to Beth for leading Maurice, and to Kev for being “ground crew”.


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Living in Portugal on a permaculture smallholding.
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