A Walk up the Road!!

Went for another walk up the track today, with Beth leading Maurice and me leading Frankie.  We stopped near the top of the track and let the horses graze. They were both fab, coming down again too.

Then I did more flexions and vebal walk on cue with Frankie which went reall well although we’re finding it a little difficult to build in more steps of walk before clicking, he tends to stop after just a few steps if I don’t click, but we’re getting there and he was much better taking treats today.

Then we went for another walk with Beth and Maurice, this time up the track, cut through the felled woods to the parallel track, up to the road, along the road (about 50m) and back down our track.  Frankie was looking around a bit but he was absolutely fantastic! We stopped to graze every so often – I ask ”whoa” when he is walking calmly and then offer him to graze, so it’s a triple-whammy  of calm walk, whoa, grazing cue ;)

Needless to say I am very very happy again today. Pretending he is Maurice is definitely working. In fact Maurice was much worse behaved than Frankie today (and probably is most of the time if I really think about it!), pulling Beth over to grass a lot.


About Sophie

Living in Portugal on a permaculture smallholding.
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