Put Bucket in Wheelbarrow

Frankie’s now putting the bucket into the wheelbarrow on cue. We haven’t quite got it only on a voice cue, but he’s not chucking buckets around willy-nilly anymore The cue is now the presence of the bucket on the floor next to the wheelbarrow (I’m also using the voice cue ”bucket”).

Although he drops the bucket in the wheelbarrow, he quite often takes it out again. So I made sure to click him only after he’s dropped the bucket and then got him to back up for a treat. Hoping this will develop into drop bucket in barrow and then back up.

I also held the bucket behind my back and didn’t put it on the ground until he did manners, which he offered immediately. Manners as a pre-requisite for the next cue is a really solid behaviour now


About Sophie

Living in Portugal on a permaculture smallholding.
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