Free Shaped Behaviours

I’ve just joined Peggy Hogan’s facebook group “Clicker Training Horses” and am taking part in a group training session. The first thing to do was write down all the behaviours we’ve already shaped, which was a brilliant exercise for me to see how many “finished” behaviours we already have! Here’s my list:

Sophie – Frankie: grown-ups/manners, mat, walk next to me (forwards, back, turn towards, turn away, halt), pass bucket, put bucket in wheelbarrow, hosing (not finished), head down, pick up hooves (has fallen apart), back up, painting, touch target, follow target (not finished), ‘show me something new’, go to stable wait for food, stay (not finished), fly spray

Sophie – Maurice: mat, pedestal, hosing, head down, halt with me, back up, painting (not finished), push football with nose, touch & follow target, ‘show me something’, go to stable wait for food, trot with me (not finished), stay


About Sophie

Living in Portugal on a permaculture smallholding.
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