Further up the Track

Went for a walk up the track yesterday with Frankie and got further than we have done before and he was really calm all the way! Think we could have got further if I had taken more treats! My step-daughter came with us and she’s a real chatterbox so Frankie didn’t get my undivided attention, and he did really well staying focused and not demanding my attention. He also did a lot better going down the track – I’m only clicking every 4 or 5 steps on the steepest bit now instead of every step, and the one time he got out of balance he chose to stop and stand still instead of rushing on – RESULT!

This morning my 4yr old grandson ”helped” to feed the horses and poo-pick and I was confident for him to be in the field with Frankie, taking only the precautions you would with a young child around any horse, so this is a really BIG thing for us. Frankie was interested in Jorge and came up to say hello but he was really calm and once he’d made his greeting went back to eat hay

One question: Frankie was occassionally offering head-down himself on our walk up the track (after stopping for a click) and I’m not sure if this was because he got a bit anxious and was using it to calm himself or because we do that quite a lot and he was anticipating. I don’t want to discourage him if he’s using it to calm himself, but I also want to keep it on cue … so … to click or not to click?


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Living in Portugal on a permaculture smallholding.
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