Clix College Challenge: Manners around Food

Here’s our video for this month’s Clix College Challenge!

Manners Challenge 1: This Challenge is to show that your horse understands that he’s to be calm and polite around food and treats. Will your horse turn his head away from a feedbucket or wait politely until you say he can have that juicy apple? Maybe he’ll stand in Manners while you’re wearing your bumbag or turns his head away after you click before taking the treat gently and calmly!

So here are Frankie and Maurice demonstrating their manners around food. This was surprisingly easy to teach. This was Theresa’s first attempt at teaching something to a horse (her task to keep Frankie amused while we were away and she was looking after them) and she said Frankie got it in just a couple of clicks – so brilliant work from both of them! We also get an impromptu extra demonstration from Frankie of how he can back-up away from the apple when it’s not his turn – though we’ll be working on him being more mannerly to start with and not trying to steal Maurice’s apple 😉

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