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Look for the simplest explanation first!

Great advice from Amanda Martin.  I started the online clicker training course today and it was really helpful.  Here’s what I need to start working on next with Frankie: I would start this with him on the other side of … Continue reading

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Video Session with Frankie

There are more clips of this session, but I haven’t managed to upload them successfully yet. Will keep trying! In the meantime, comments and criticisms are very welcome 🙂

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Andy came down to help me do a short session with Frankie today.  Following advice from the zenhorsemanship list, I decided to work with the fence between  us again today, and work on him backing away from me.  The idea … Continue reading

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How to work with only one horse out of two?

Today both the horses were in their stables and didn’t show any signs of wanting to come over to the gate to greet me.  So I decided to go in, as it would probably be easier to work with Frankie … Continue reading

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Where to start?

I’ve been thinking about what I want to achieve with Frankie in the short term. I need to create a training plan to stop myself feeling so overwhelmed, but it’s still difficult to know where to start! I’ve been reading … Continue reading

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Not such a good start … or maybe it was?

So. Finally.  After lots of procrastination – mainly because I just really don’t know where to start – I started again with Frankie and the clicker. I decided to go work with him in his stable, mainly so I could … Continue reading

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Frankie the Foal

Here’s an introduction to Frankie, actually about 18 months old (not 10 months as Hannah says!). I’m ashamed to say that I’ve done very little with him in the couple of months since this video was taken in November. Mostly … Continue reading

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